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From the airport to Jerusalem

We recommend taking a bus (Number 485, costs 16 shekels, to Jerusalem Central Bus Station) or a service taxi (“Nesher Sherut”,  costs about 70 shekels, the destination inside Jerusalem is to your request) . They are located just outside the airport. It is not recommended to take a “special taxi” which is rather expensive. The service taxi might take you directly to Hadassah Medical Center in “Ein Kerem” (or any other address in Jerusalem) for about the same rate as to the central bus station, so ask the driver when you get into the taxi. It departs from the entrance\exit of the terminal when it is full  (takes around 15-30 minutes). The taxi operates around the clock. One person ride cost around 70 NIS\ 20 US dollars and it takes about 45 minutes drive to the central of Jerusalem.  

Bus Lines




It takes around 50 minutes or less to travel to the hospital from the center of city, mainly because of slow traffic inside the city. There are number of lines for bus transportation to the hospital: 27, 27 A, 19, 42, 12, 153. However, bus line 27 & 19 are the main line that go to the hospital. 





Ever since first utilization of the new Jerusalem light rail, you cannot reach directly from the central bus station to Hadassah. To reach the hospital you must transfer from the light rail to line 27.  To do so, get off the train at Mount Herzl (the final stop) and transfer to the bus line 27. This way you might get to Hadassah faster. Most of the dental\medicine students that live in the center of Jerusalem travel like this all year, so it's not unusual to wake up around 6:30.


Light Rail maps:




Bus Routes









The Egged Rav-Kav Card is used for the bus and train in the city.
With a RavKav card, all you need to do is charge it (at the central bus station or on the bus itself) for any amount you choose, and then you slide the card every time you ride the bus or train. Each bus/train ride is 6.60 shekels.

On your last day, when you come to pick up your deposit, make sure to bring back your RavKav! If you don't, you will be charged 10 shekels.


How to Get an Egged Bus Card:

  1. Go to the Central Bus Station which is on Yafo Street. You can get there by taking the train (from Mount Scopus), or by taking bus number 27 and then the train (from Hadassah EinKarem). Make sure to bring with you an identification card with your photo (for example, passport).

  2. Once in the Central Bus Station, go up to the 3rd floor to the "Emdat Hanpaka Rav-Kav." This is Hebrew for "Rav-Kav Issuing Stand," where they will issue you a personalized Rav-Kav Card. The stand is in front of Platform 22, and open from 7 in the morning until 8 in the evening (7:00-20:00).

  3. Fill out the Rav-Kav Issuing form. You can do this ahead of time (at home) or on the spot (there will be forms there too). I have attached a translation of the form fields here.

  4. Stand in line, pray that the person who works at the stand will speak English, and they will take your picture and issue you a Rav-Kav Card!



Charging your Rav-Kav Card:

There are a number of 'programs' available for your rav-kav card. Your best choice is which allows you to ride by bus and train unlimitedly for 1 month for the one-time price you pay.


This is from the first of each month to the last day, and NOT 1 month from the day you issue this. For example, if you charge your rav-kav with a hofshi –hodshi program on July 1st, 10th, or 20th, you will still pay the same amount, and it will expire on July 31st.


  1. Ask for "Hofshi-Hodshi" in Jerusalem – code 91.

  2. Pay 235 shekels.

  3. Ride the bus AND train inside Jerusalem  as many times as you like!


Charging your Rav-Kav can be done by the bus-driver (not at the Issuing Stand).

Information about bus lines and frequencies can be found at: 


Payment - Egged "Rav-Kav" Card.

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