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Who Can apply?

Working Conditions

  • Medical Students in their clinical years ONLY

        (4th year and above in a 6-year program or 2nd year and above in a 4-year program).


  • 5-day week, Sunday to Thursday, about 6 - 8 hours per day, depends on the department.

  • Applications will be accepted for 3-weeks minimum and no more than 16 weeks.

  • If you apply for over 4 weeks it will be best to divide the time between at least 2 departments.

  • Most departments have a 2-4 week time frame.

  • You can apply to up to 4 departments in one elective period.

  • Please note that in Israel the weekend is during Friday and Saturday (Sunday is a workday).

  • Your first day at the department should be Sunday.

When to apply

  • At least 3 months in advance, and no more than 10 months in advance.

  • Applications received before or after that time frame- won’t be accepted!

Our Hospitals

Electives are available in our Faculty branched hospitals: 


  • Hadassah Ein-Karem, Jerusalem

  • Hadassah Mount Scopus, Jerusalem


English is required for participation in all departments.

Hebrew is mandatory for the following:

  • Psychiatry

  • Obstetrics\Gynecology

  • Pediatrics

  • Genetics lab

  • Endocrinology

Health Insurance

  • You are required to have a valid health insurance (traveling insurance for international students and Kupat-Holim for Israeli students).


  • While visiting the “Hadassah Medical Center”, you are not covered for malpractice insurance. Therefore you may not decide on medical treatment for patients and you cannot replace the medical team of the hospital. 

  • The JSMS elective program is meant as an opportunity to get a taste of an advanced foreign medical system. It is not meant to replace any stage of your formal education.

  • We are not able to issue any letter regarding your schooling status. Any requests for such letters can be directed to the staff of the wards after arrival only. 



Clerkship is non-resident and students are responsible for finding their own accommodation and for all their living and traveling expenses. 

We can try to find a place for you at the University dorms at the students village.

However, there is a shortage of dormitories in Jerusalem, especially during the school year. Therefore we cannot guarantee that rooms will be available.


The dormitories cost roughly about 750$ US (payment in Israeli Shekels) per month. All rooms are shared by two people. If you want to stay in the dorms, e-mail the exchange officer at least six weeks prior to your arrival.


Important: The total payment for the entire stay will be sent minimum one month prior to your arrival.


*Students in need of accommodation who are on exchange program through 
university agreements should contact the registrar of Hebrew University at least 6 
weeks in advance at For these students, a deposit is not 


Registration fee 

The Registration fee is 20€, one time payment. This amount is not refundable. 

Applications will be reviewed only after receiving approval of paid Registration fee.

The Application fee is 100€ per week (at least 4 full working days) and will be made after your application has been reviewed.

Payment is available through Pay-Pal only 


In case of cancellation or nonacceptance you will be fully refunded except from a 20 registration fee. 

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