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Before Arrival

I am happy you are about to arrive in Jerusalem and come to the Hadassah Medical Centre.

I do hope you will have a pleasant stay.


Here are some things you should keep in mind upon your arrival:

From the airport to our office

The most important thing is to arrive at our office. From the airport to Jerusalem we recommend taking a service taxi called “Nesher Sherut”. They are located just outside the airport. It is not recommended to take a “special taxi” which is rather expensive. The service taxi might take you directly to Hadassah Medical Centre in “Ein Karem” (or any other address in Jerusalem) for about the same rate as to the central bus station, so ask the driver when you get into the taxi. If you arrive at the Central Bus Station, take bus No.27 to the Hadassah Medical Centre in Ein Karem. Once in Hadassah, there are two bus stops at the Medical Centre. You should get off at the first one which is just across from the Medical School. The first bus stop is about 20 meters after the main entrance.


 The Jerusalem Society of Medical Students’ Office (JSMS, in Hebrew you pronounce it "AGUDAT HASTUDENTIM") is located at the “new student’s building”. Ask around for the cafeteria or for the AGUDAT HASTUDENTIM, most people will know where it is and will be happy to help you. You could also ask for the book store "AKADEMON" which is located at the same building as we are.




When you finally arrive at the right building you will meet Galit, the secretary of our student society and you will meet me as well. Galit and I will sign you in and show you around.


Office hours are Sunday through Thursday from 08:30 to 13:00 and from 13:30 to 14:30 only. Please make sure to arrive at the office during these hours only.


At the office, you can get laundry and library service cards for a deposit of $50 each.

Please take into consideration that lunch is not included, but you can purchase lunch tickets from the aguda office for the Hospital's cafeteria for 18.5 shekels per ticket.


If you have reserved a room at the dorms, you will need to arrive before 13:00 to receive your key, so please arrive at our office as early as possible.


The phone number at the office is 02-6758483.

At the office

Planning your stay

Holidays - our weekends are on Fri-Sat. On these days students do not have to go to the hospital. I recommend you use this time to travel around a bit. If you will need any recommendations for places to visit, nice local spots to eat at and so on, I will be more than happy to help. From Fri afternoon until Sat evening there is NO public transportation in Jerusalem. There are only taxies.





What to bring with you to the office on your first day


  • Vaccination forms to present in the department

  • Optional library deposit (50 US dollars or equivalency in any currency)

  • Optional laundry deposit (50 US dollars or equivalency in any currency)

  • If you've been approved for dorms, then cash/check for payment for your entire stay

  • A good mood!



See you soon,


Tamar Ben Gershom,

Medical Exchange Coordinator,

Jerusalem Society of Medical Students 

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