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Where am I?


First of all, we made a simple map throughout Google maps referring to where the center of Jerusalem and Hadassah hospital are (to get you a little bit oriented).












Center of Jerusalem contains most of the accommodation around Jerusalem, and the best place to enjoy the nightlife and sightseeing in Jerusalem. However, it could take about an hour to get to Hadassah hospital via public transportation.

Accommodation in the center of Jerusalem


We believe that the best way to experience Jerusalem and connecting to the local students is by finding a good place in the city center which is not too far from the hospital, and gives you the chance of getting to know the great city life.





There are a few student dorms in and around Hadassah hospital, usually the ones that are assigned to foreign students are located in Mt.Scopus.

The dorms are double-rooms (shared room with one more student, inside a shared apartment) and cost between 1,500-2,000 NIS a month.


If you are attending your elective in Hadassah Ein-Karem, we would strongly recommend finding optional housing solution other than dorms, since the Mt.scopus dorms are located 1 hour drive from Hadassah Ein-Karem. 


Having said that, if you still wish to apply for dorms, please contact us 3-weeks before your arrival and we'll do our best.


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