Welcome to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Medical Center international student exchange program website

Our goal of this program is to allow medical students studying abroad to participate in clinical clerkships at the Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center under the supervision of the physicians of the various wards. These clerkships will enable you to experience first hand the practice of medicine at Hadassah, a leading medical center on both a national and international level.


We hope this experience will lead to ties with the prospective wards and physicians, and will enable exceptional students to continue their medical training at Hadassah during their internship ("staj") and residency.

Corona Virus Update

  •  17/09/2020:

    • At the moment some departments can’t accept foreign students.

    • It changes daily so you’ll be notified once reviewing your application.

    • Please notice that an isolation is mandatory for 2 weeks after arriving in Israel.

    • Due to COVID19 pandemic, answers and acceptance takes longer than expected. Your patience and understanding will be appreciated.

    • Entering to Israel requires student’s visa. You’ll get all the information you need regarding your visas with the acceptance letter.


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