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How to apply

After making sure you are eligible for applying and decided to which department and when you want to apply to, Four more steps before applying:


1.  A letter from your dental school, indicating your good standing as a dental student.
2.  A certificate of approval of your vaccines . Please bring this with you to Israel.
3.  A copy of your passport. 

4.  Making a zip file with the following:  Letter of good standing, Approved Vaccination form, and passport      copy



Incomplete application material including uploads will not be handled or processed.



Make sure your General Physician has reviewed and signed the following document:


And attach the scanned file.


Only completed documents wil be accepted!


Letter of good standing

A letter written in English, from your medical school, stating your status as a medical student.


Only clinical students can apply.


  • Passport copy.

  • Tourist's visa is suitable (Student's visa is not needed).

Step 1 - Payment

Press the button here, proceed to your paypal acount and note to change the quantity according to the number of weeks you wish to apply to.

1=1 week of elective(at least 4 days work)

**Students who are on exchange program through university agreements are exempt from this fee

Step 2 - Application Timetable

  1. All applications should be sent at least 2 months before arrival day! 

  2. Applications are reviewed within 2 weeks after payment has been approved and application submitted.

  3. An acceptance letter will be sent upon approval from the departments, this should take up to two months.

  4. Please refrain from applying on the following holidays:


National Holidays:

                                                          Year 2018                                Year 2019

Passover                                         March 30- April 6                    April 19-26

Independence Day                       April 18-19                                May 8-9

Shavuot                                          May 19-20                                 June 8-9

Rosh Hashana (New Year)           September 9-11                      September 29- October1

Yom Kippur                                    September 18-19                    October 8-9

Sukkot                                             September 23- October 1     October 13-21​

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